Our Why

We believe that the more you are able to get out there and explore, the more you create lasting memories that contribute to a joyful and fulfilling life.

My daughters and I created Jo Jet Co as a way to capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest within everyday products. Whether you are a native or a guest visiting, we hope you our products remind you of your time here and how magical the PNW can be.

Our Approach

We love traveling near and far, by land, sea, or air and collectively our experiences are used to guide the design for all of our products. We hope that our products help make your outing a little more organized so you can spend less time preparing for a trip and more time enjoying your trip.

Our towels are designed and tested by folks of all ages to make sure they are fun and functional indoors and outdoors!

We love imagining all the different ways our products can be used and aim to use as much recycled content in our products without sacrificing quality. We are constantly looking for materials that are sustainable and minimize waste.

A Note from the Founder

What is Jo Jet?

The name Jo Jet was inspired by my east asian heritage and is a term used in Cambodian to express enjoyment.  This word aligns well with one of my philosophies in life: to do what brings you joy and to bring happiness to those around you.  I hope that our products are brought along with you to do the activities you love!

Whether you're taking your family to the beach, walking around downtown in the rain or taking a quick trip to the park, our bags* and towels are versatile enough to be used for just about any outing. In fact, with all the fun designs (and more on its way), it's even kid approved!

*Product to be released in 2024!